Bishop Don Juan’s Friend Makini Chaka’s Case Against Redskins Fred Davis Going to Trial

This story all started over a thrown drink in the club.

Before I go any further just a piece of advice for anyone, don’t throw drinks in the club. Now that we got that out of the way I have to admit I am totally confused by this story.

It has a little bit of everything in it.  Sort of like a bad Cinemax After Dark movie.

The fact that Davis is representing himself adds to the hilarity though.

Here are the details we know.

On January 10, 2011, Makini R. Chaka, 33, filed a civil complaint against Davis after he allegedly dumped juice on her head and busted her lip at a Washington, DC, nightclub. In court documents and testimony, Chaka accused Davis of assaulting, harassing, and threatening to kill her.

Davis has denied Chaka’s claims. But while most celebrity athletes in his position would retain a high-priced lawyer, Davis has served as his own defense counsel during the case—even arguing on his own behalf at an April 10 hearing in DC Superior Court.

“It’s just all made up and flagellant,” Davis told the judge during his closing argument.

Chaka, from Baltimore, described herself in court as a “celebrity broker” who organizes parties for sports and entertainment stars. “My job is to call and set up events for my clients and we are paid every time that we come,” Chaka testified. “I do a lot of parties with famous people, whether it’s singers, whether it’s rappers, whether it’s athletes.”

But Stewart Prince, who has worked as Davis’s bodyguard, alleged in court documents that Chaka is “a ‘madam/pimpette’ who provides escorts to high-profile athletes and entertainers.”

“It is well-known in the sports and entertainment industry, particularly in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, that [Chaka] recruits women to work for her and provide sexual favors to athletes or other entertainer[s] in exchange for money,” Prince said in court documents. He said he knew “at least two women who [Chaka] attempted to recruit to work for her in this capacity.”

Chaka testified that she has known Prince for six or seven years, considers him a friend, and has hired him to provide security for a client.

Prince claimed Chaka “often carries her ‘pimp-cup’ with her, is acquainted with other well-known pimps including Bishop Don Juan (the ‘Bishop’) and frequently attends the Bishop’s Players’ Ball with her female escorts.”

The footage “showed [Davis] approach [Chaka] and reach for her in a calm manner but [Chaka] responded by throwing a drink in his face,” according to the police report. After Davis dumped the juice on Chaka, the footage shows Davis tossing “the container at [Chaka’s] body not causing any injuries,” according to the report. “The camera shows [Chaka] being elbowed by accident which caused the cut to her lip.”

During cross-examination at the April hearing, the two armchair attorneys argued over a photograph of Chaka, a woman, and two men:

Davis: “As it shows, you also have your hand on his genitals. I mean why would you take a picture like that?”

Chaka: “I do not. Let’s look closely at the exhibit right here, Judge. Where is my hand placed in this exhibit?”

Judge: “I do not answer questions. . . . The witness does.”

Chaka: “Can you tell me where my hand is actually at in this photo?”

Davis: “It looks like it’s in the genitals to me. I mean your hands are on his genitals. Your hand is on his—”

Chaka: “Objection.”

The whole thing is an AMAZING read.

Humorous more than anything else. If Davis was a higher profile player this would be all over the news, but lucky for him no one really cares.

Chaka’s “client list” is LONG!!! Be careful Robert Griffin III.

Case is going to trial in 2013

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  • I’m confused….did Chaka throw her drink on Davis 1st then he dumped his on her????? And what the hell does it matter that Chaka had her hand on some man’s genitals…what does that have to do with throwing drinks???

  • Robert Littal . . . pretty cheap SEO trick to throw the quarterbacks name in at the end of your article. The situation is comical, but there is zero link to this woman and any current QB. You should write about the facts of the case and how ridiculous the events have become, but don’t drag an innocent persons name into things so you can get a few extra clicks. Maybe you can resolve to be less of a douche bag in 2013.

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