Bob Knight Compares Anthony Davis to a Young Bill Russell

Bob Knight knows more about basketball that 99% of the population but, he has been known to drink on his job at ESPN allegedly.

“I’ll tell you exactly what Anthony Davis is — he’s a young Bill Russell … And Russell was by far, and will always be, the most valuable player ever in sport.” — Bob Knight, former college coach

I think that is a little hyperbole on Knight’s part.

Can’t just throw around praise like a Young Bill Russell on someone who just had one good year at college. While I don’t think Davis will be a bust, I am not sold on him to be a franchise player.

The reason is simple, when was the last defensive oriented player that changed a franchise?

Even someone like Dwight Howard who’s strength is rebounding, defense and block shots has a career average of over 18 points a game.

When Howard entered the league he was a kid in a NBA player’s body, Davis not so much. When you are being compared to Tyson Chandler and Marcus Camby those are nice solid players, but not players that are franchise guys.

The only way we will know is once Davis gets on the court, I wish him well, but don’t have your expectations too high.