Bradley vs. Pacquiao Rematch Poster, Doesn’t Mean Fix Was In, It’s called Promotion


Manny Pacquiao Fight Was the Fix In?

The reasoning is because Tim Bradley had a rematch poster made up a couple of weeks ago.  I know sounds like a sexy story, but it is 100% incorrect for several reasons.

First, it is routine that the headliner of the fight has an automatic rematch clause in their contract.  Floyd Mayweather has them, Manny Pacquiao has had them (there was one for his last fight with Juan Manual Marquez) and most recently Lucien Bute had one against his fight with Carl Froch.

It is to protect the headliners’ interest and give him an immediate opportunity to avenge in losses.  The other fighter has no choice to agree to rematch clause because that is only way to get the fight.

Tim Bradley was doing his best to make the buildup to the fight interesting and one of those things was to build this cardboard cutout announcing the rematch.

It isn’t the first time this has happened, it is just part of hyping up the fight.

If the fix was really in, Bradley wouldn’t have told everyone before the scorecards were read he had lost the fight.  He was as surprised as everyone else.

Bradley was just doing his due diligence in promoting the fight and to accuse him of being involved any type of fix would be unfair to him.  What happened was terrible judging and people are reaching with Pippen arms on this rematch poster.

Investigate the judges not Twitpics.

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  • Sheeeeiiitt…. That was B.S.

    And thanks for the video stream. You saved me a ton of cash by not buying the fight.

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