Brian Banks Working Out With Seahawks, Speaks About Struggles on Tonight Show (Video)

To be honest, Brian Banks chances to make the NFL are slim, but at least he is getting the opportunity and that is all he can ask for.

It’ll have been a busy 24 hours for Banks, too. He spent Wednesday night appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and if you haven’t watched the interview, you should.

I say that mainly because Banks is outstandingly honest about what happened in his life; it’s not the sort of thing that would be easy to talk about publicly, but he does a good job.

Great news on that front: the ‘Hawks are going to honor that tryout and are working out Banks in Seattle on Thursday even though there are no OTAs for the rest of the team. Pete Carroll’s tweeting about this and issued a statement that Banks deserves a “second chance at his dream,” so I assume the NFL is cool with it.

“He’s a young man that has an opportunity to get a second chance at his dream,” Carroll said. “I just think he deserves it and we’re going to give him a really good look and a serious look, and if he does well and we like him we’re going to try to get him to come to minicamp [next week].”

I appreciate what Pete Carroll is doing, because he doesn’t have to do this, I never root for players, but I will be rooting for Banks.