Bruce Irvin Forgets He Was Drafted by Seahawks, Thinks He is With Redskins (Video)

Bruce Irvin was drafted by the Seattle SEAHAWKS with the 15th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Irvin is in a Seattle SEAHAWKS locker room when he starts to be asked questions about being drafted by the SEAHAWKS.

Then this happened.

If I give Bruce Irvin the benefit of the doubt, what happened was he was getting Seattle, Washington and Washington Redskins and John Schneider (Seahawks GM) and Dan Snyder confused because he isn’t use to being in front of the cameras.

It happens, but when it happens it is probably best not to follow it up with.

“I’m F*ck up man, I’m F*ck up”.

Just a small piece of advice that is never a good reply to a Freudian slip.