Cam Newton Tells Kids: “If You’re Great at Football, They Are Giving Away Money”

The one thing I like about Cameron Newton is he says things that everyone is thinking, but doesn’t necessarily want to say.

He isn’t out of control with his comments nor are they negative in nature, they are just the truth.

As long he keeps being great at football, he is right they will keep making it rain on him. He was making a larger point about being passionate and part of that passion is the ability to be set for life, if you are good at what you do.

Newton was addressing a group of high school players from the Carolinas and not his Panthers’ teammates mattered little to the second-year quarterback.

Newton spoke for about 10 minutes, telling players he was in their “shoes, cleats, helmets or whatever you want to call it” just a few years ago.

“How can you be on a football field and not be passionate?” Newton asked. “That’s like going to the cafeteria and you’re not eating.”

Newton then gathered the group around him and talked about football as a meal ticket.

“If you’re great at football, they’re giving money away,” he said. “This is my ticket so I can feed my family.”

My only small critique is every kid can’t be Cam Newton, I wish he would have said if you are great at whatever you choose to do, you will have the ability to live a happy and fulfilling life.

But, I know his heart was in the right place and who knows maybe the next Cameron was in that group of kids and that speech will make them work a little harder.