Chris Bosh’s Baby Mama Allison Mathis Says Can’t Feed Child Off Just $2600 a Month (Video)

I must warn you, if you are going to watch these videos Mathis’ voice is not easy on the ears, but nevertheless the cliff notes version of what she is saying is this.

Bosh wanted to have baby out-of-wedlock.
Mathis says Bosh promised her and her family he would marry her.
Mathis says Bosh has changed and has become Hollywood as Hell.
Doesn’t know where her and her daughter next meal will come from.
Mathis says Bosh isn’t helping at all.
She has applied for Food Stamps and things of that sort.
She wanted to be on Basketball Wives and Bosh sued her to keep her off the show.
She is salty about not being on Basketball Wives.

The one part of the video that I think is the truth and really lets you know what is going on is when she says and I am quoting.

“We were use to eating well….”

There are truly starving people in the world. Homeless people and people who really don’t know where their next meal is coming from. I think it is insulting for Ms. Mathis to act like she is in that bad of shape.

I am not saying Bosh couldn’t do more, but these type of videos aren’t helping Ms. Mathis’ cause.

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10 thoughts on “Chris Bosh’s Baby Mama Allison Mathis Says Can’t Feed Child Off Just $2600 a Month (Video)

  • Bosh probably bailed on her because he realized she was a str8 up bytch… move on his part. Now she’s trying to get paid……I guess $2600 is not enough for her to sit on her ass and not work but still have all the luxuries in life…big house..fancy car….etc

  • I wish Final Destination style deaths on all these lazy, scumbag whores

  • Wow – amazing how these women seem to equate alimony and child support. Child support is FOR THE CHILD, not for her to continue to eat well!

  • If you move back to Arkansas where most of your relatives are, 2600.00 will be more than enough! You can’t afford to live the “Big City” life…..this can be done….if you really need to stretch the dollar, be a real mother, a dear mother and need a job….Arkansas girl…….put you big girl pants on.

  • Her voice is beyond annoying. I get tired of hearing about these women who are trying to live large on someone else’s dime. What type of aspirations and goals does this chic have? What about working on having your own career? Take the $2600 per month and use it as a base to take care of your child’s needs and your basic needs so that you can fully provide for your kid. Suck it up! Get a roommate or move back in with family until you can get back on your feet. Get a job in hospitality, retail or sales, something that doesn’t require a high level of skills if you don’t hae any. Seriously, get a plan and stop making videos complaining about your “Hollywood” funny acting baby daddy. He didnt marry you and married someone else. Only thing you should be concerned about is being the best possible mother and person you can be. This is not the way to do it!

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