Chris Bosh’s Baby Mama Allison Mathis Says She Isn’t Like Other NBA Ex-Girlfriends

It isn’t a surprised that these stories are coming out as Bosh is closing in on a NBA title. Mathis’ lawyer has come out and said she needs more money.

Now, Mathis herself speaks on why she feels Bosh should pay her mortgage.

Allison Mathis, 32, cringes at the thought that anyone would believe she’s another NBA baby mama who got pregnant for child support.

Their child, however, was wanted, the product of love: Mathis and Bosh lived together for two years when he played for the Toronto Raptors, and she says Bosh had her get fertility treatment when getting pregnant proved harder than he thought.

In her first interview since their daughter Trinity was born three years ago, Mathis says she doesn’t understand why Bosh is ignoring her pleas for help after she lost her job last month, placing her on the edge of foreclosure and public assistance.

Worse: She says Bosh has spent upward of $2 million on a coterie of lawyers to keep his child support payment at $2,600 a month.

Mathis believed Bosh would marry her when Trinity was born. But she and Bosh broke up when she was six months pregnant, and she eventually moved to Orlando to be with her family.

But Bosh married Adrienne Williams last year, and the couple had their first child last month.

Mathis says if she doesn’t get help soon she will be force to go on Food Stamps and Government Assistance. Many people wonder why Mathis was only getting $2600 month when in the State of Florida someone with Bosh’s income could be paying up to $30k a month.

The answer is simple their child support case was handle in Texas where Bosh has a residence.

Most important thing is what is best for the child and make sure whatever money is being given is for the betterment of the child and not Mathis’ balling potential.

3 thoughts on “Chris Bosh’s Baby Mama Allison Mathis Says She Isn’t Like Other NBA Ex-Girlfriends

  • Don’t get knocked up out of wedlock. It does not make sense to do it.

    He wants to knock you up, but he does not want to marry you ? It does not make sense and you fell for his rap.

    I’d like to feel sorry for you, but it sounds like you can’t possibly be too bright to let him knock you up out of wedlock….

    And yes, I do have a daughter and would be hemorraging steam out of my ears if she fell for that type of line from a dude that thinks she’s worth knocking up, but not marrying….

  • It’s about time the male didn’t get screwed in child support court! How the hell is $2600/ month not enough for child support? It’s called child support not ex-support, the baby will have more than enough support financially. It just shows how greedy women have become and feel that if they lay you have to pay- well most American women at least. I really hope that the legal system will wake up and realize that women are no longer stay at home moms they are ruling the world are just as good as men if not better, so the financial burden should be spread equally along with custody rights when it comes to child support! He just better be glad he was not a resident of Illinois the worse state in the union!!!!!!!!!!!!

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