Chris Johnson Says He is In Same Category as Lebron James

I see where he was trying to go with the analogy, but he is way off.

Lebron would have been more like Peyton Manning before he got his ring. Johnson appears to have been motivated by people saying he fell off after last season decent, but sub-par numbers for him.

He is using The King as an example of how to bounce back strong.

After a disappointing 2011 season, Tennessee Titans running back says that he feels like he can relate to LeBron James after the criticism he’s received.

I kinda put us in the same category,” Johnson said Tuesday, via “He gets a lot of criticism just like I do. I like how he bounced back the year after he got a lot of criticism. Came back, got MVP and hopefully can get his team a championship.

“He just gives me motivation to bounce back for this year, seeing the things that he came back and did, proving the naysayers wrong. I kind of look at him as a guy like me.

Fantasy owners all over the world hope he is correct.