CJ Spiller Says Bills Are Close to Being a Super Bowl Team

Before you laugh just remember almost every year a team comes from nowhere to become Super Bowl contenders (for instance the 49ers last year).

Could it be the Bills?

“We split with New England [last year],” Spiller said. “We had the Giants on the ropes. We are close to being a Super Bowl team.”

The lack of recent success hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm in the locker room, and Spiller told Schein and Gannon that the positive mindset is pervasive.

“Every year we expect to win and make the playoffs and make a run, but we don’t just want to make the playoffs, we’re trying to get to the Super Bowl,” he said. “Why get to the playoffs if you’re not trying to win the Super Bowl? That’s the ultimate and that’s what we talk about is being champions. If you’re not trying to be a champion as we say, ‘You’re in the wrong business.’”