Curt Schilling Says He Lost $50 Million on Video Game Company, Passes the Blame

You didn’t think this failure would make Curt Schilling humble did you?

Of course not, if he wasn’t so arrogant and cocky, he wouldn’t be $50 million in the hole. Instead of manning up and taking responsibility he is blaming others for his failure.

Curt Schilling, speaking on Boston Radio for the first time since his 38 Studios went bankrupt, said he believes Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee had an “agenda and executed it” amid his company’s very public financial collapse that “blindsided” his employees and cost him more than $50 million of his own cash.

“I’m not asking for sympathy,” Schilling said. “That was my choice. I chose to do this, I wanted to build it and I wanted to create the jobs and create something that had a long standing and world changing effect. And we were close. We were close to getting there and it fell apart.”

But he also railed against Rhode Island state leadership, saying their accusations that he wrote a “fraudulent check” were not true and that Chafee wasn’t sad to see his company fail.

“This is an ‘I told you so,’ absolutely,” he said.

No one had an agenda.

They gave Schilling tons of money and he blew it. Point blank end of story. It is one thing to fail and learn from those mistakes, totally different thing to fail and act like you had nothing to do with it.

Schilling loves his high horse so much, he isn’t willing to get off of it even though he can’t afford it anymore.