Daren Scott Suing Hospital For Watching Baseball Game While His Penis Was Painfully Erect

Red Sox fans are hardcore.

Doesn’t matter if you are having a penis malfunction if the game is on you are going to have to wait.

Daren Scott of Brockton, Mass., is seeking $2 million in his federal lawsuit against Yale-New Haven Hospital. The lawsuit says Scott was diagnosed before the incident with recurrent priapism, a persistent painful erection unrelated to sexual stimulation.

Scott was driving customers from Boston to New York on April 17, 2009, when he suffered a persistent and disabling erection.

While waiting, Scott said he noticed that the facility’s staff, including physicians on duty, was watching the game on TV. Scott says his pain worsened and he told a nurse.

“Notwithstanding this call for help, the staff, including the physicians, continued to watch the baseball game and ignore plaintiff’s condition,” the lawsuit states.

Scott says he was later taken to the hospital and forced to wait another four hours before receiving treatment. He said an operation was unsuccessful and he remained in great pain for several months.

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