Deion Sanders Confirms He is Dating Tracey Edmonds, While Still Technically Married

There was really no reason to confirm, unless you are very slow or naive it was obvious he and Edmonds have been together for awhile.

Well, before Pilar finally was forced to leave their home after a domestic dispute incident.

Deion breaks down why he prefers Tracey over his wife.

When asked whether they were on a date, Deion replied:

This isn’t a date night just because cameras are in here. Every night is a date night.

He also didn’t hold back when asked what attracted him to Tracey:

She’s grown, she’s intelligent, she’s sophisticated. She’s beautiful inside and out. It’s no facade. When she takes off the make up, she’s still beautiful.

When asked how they plan to handle all the drama that comes with being in the spotlight, Deion responded:

Tracey has her own [so] that avoids a lot of drama right there.

Deion declined to say when this relationship started (probably because it would jeopardize his divorce proceedings) and would only say, “We’ll never kiss and tell.”

Prime wasn’t very subtle with his comments or disdain for his future ex wife.  Ms. Edmonds is use to rebound relationships as she has had them with Babyface, Eddie Murphy and now Sanders.

We confirmed earlier he and Tracey are working on a reality show together (just like he and Pilar did ironically). You can hear more about it here.


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  • Ole raggedy dog and his new bitch.

  • Well good for them….alot of people get involved in other relationships before getting actually divorced…I believe that’s the norm now a days

  • Arent they all a little old to be acting like fools? this whole story is dumb who cares about these people they are all HAS BEENS and are irrelevant

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