Deion Sanders & Tracey Edmonds Working on Reality Show Focusing on His Divorce

Just when you thought the divorce drama between Deion and Pilar had died down a bit, news now comes out that Deion is working on a reality show that will not only focus on his new life, but also addressing what went wrong in his marriage with Pilar.

Deion Sanders is taking his pending divorce to reality television.

The NFL Hall of Famer and producer Tracey Edmonds confirmed to The Insider on Monday that they are working on a reality series centering around Sanders’ life, including estranged wife Pilar Sanders.

For the past several months, rumors have been circulating about a possible love connection between Sanders and Edmonds in the midst of his nasty divorce battle. On Friday, the pair attended Bishop T.D. Jakes 35th pastoral anniversary celebration together in Dallas.

Sanders and Edmonds say they are just friends, take that for what it is worth, but Edmonds has made it known in the past she is delighted by the impending divorce.

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  • Tracey gets around…she loves herself some high-profile dyck…..she hooked up with babyface and that got her in the lime light…then she kicked it with Eddie Murphy for a min….now she’s doing primetime

  • I’m wayyyy over the shenigans and fockery of Prime Time… This show is on the long list of reality shows that I will watch.. It’s time that we move on from reality tv

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