DeSean Jackson Officially Starts Rap Label Jaccpot Records


DeSean Jackson has hit the  Jaccpot, Literally.

D-Jac has officially started his new record label Jaccpot Records.

Now I know what some of you are thinking.  Here goes another athlete trying to be a rapper.

Well if you didn’t know rappers dream of being ball players, and ball players dream of being rappers.

According to Jaccpot will drop its first official release in late July right before the start of training camp.

Being a Philly native, D-Jac the rapper is not a new occurrence to me.  Part of his urgency to get a new deal done was to help fund and support this venture.  I heard the rumors of his finances being on life support right up until he signed his new deal.

Many will use this as a reason to bash Jackson and the Philadelphia Eagles for giving him a new deal.  Some will try to add this to the list of immature things he has done.

I will take the wait and see approach.  I can applaud the young man for using his platform and blessings as an NFL star to help change the lives of a few that have traveled this journey with him.

I just hope DeSean Jackson will learn from those who came before him and tread lightly in this rap game while making smart economical decisions.


  1. This pic is an obvious representation of hoods nationwide. Nothing like being able to relate to your audience.

  2. Maybe his artists should do a collabo with Rick Ross and the rapper from Philly..Meek Mill..??..I think that’s his name..

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