DeShawn Stevenson Says He Charges Friends $4.50 To Use His Kitchen ATM


Here is the fundamental problem with DeShawn Stevenson’s ATM set up.

Yes, he is taxing people like a Vegas casino, but he is using his own money. Meaning for every $4.50 he is getting he is losing up to whatever the ATM limit is.

If he is taking out money for himself, he is taxing himself instead of just getting the money out of the bank.

We’re told he paid $3,500 for the machine and lets his rich NBA friends use it for last-minute cash withdrawals before they go out.

But the service ain’t free — DeShawn says he charges his pals a steep $4.50 ATM fee.

DeShawn says the machine holds $20,000 and he refills it 4-6 times a year.

He adds, “I like doing things that aren’t normal and it’s cool to have.”



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