Drew Brees Confident Long Term Deal With Saints Gets Done Before Deadline

In the offseason I rarely pay attention to contract disputes.

Drew Brees doesn’t need a minicamp to get ready for the season. If the July 16th deadline passes and there still isn’t a deal done then you can worry a little, but rarely do players sit out a season, especially with so much money on the table.

During an interview Tuesday on ESPN Radio’s “Mike and Mike in the Morning,” Brees said he is “very confident” that he will reach an agreement with the Saints prior to July 16.

“I’ve always said, you would think this process should be a lot simpler than it is,” Brees said. “It just always seems to be complicated. But I’m still very confident that we’ll get a long-term deal done, and hopefully that will happen sooner than later.”

The Saints placed their exclusive-rights franchise tag on Brees earlier this offseason, and the two sides have until July 16 to hammer out a long-term extension. If no agreement is reached by that date, Brees would play this upcoming season under terms of the tag, which currently is worth $16.371 million.

My sources tell me that Brees has been offered a couple of fair deals, but has turn them down, but because he is Drew Brees no one ever points that out.

We will see what happens going forward.

One thought on “Drew Brees Confident Long Term Deal With Saints Gets Done Before Deadline

  • I disagree with any notion that a QB doesn’t need a mini- or training camp. The starting QB is always the most important person at any practice, meeting or workout. He’s the leader of the team!! Especially this with what’s going on with the Saints this season, Drew Brees is singly the most important person that should be at all workouts and practices. With Brees not being there, the team is missing its team leader, offensive leader, and defensive leader.

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