Eagles Nnamdi Asomugha Says No Receiver Makes Him Nervous

The problem isn’t Nnamdi being nervous, it is receivers aren’t that nervous about going up against him anymore.

His give and take with the league’s premier receivers is more important, but he didn’t spare them, either. In a Wednesday visit to PFT Live , Asomugha admitted that few — actually, none — of the league’s wideouts keep him up at night.

“I guess if you’re going to sit up there and play man against a guy, then that’s a different story. If that was the case, there aren’t guys that stand out in my mind in that way,” Asomugha told PFT Live, via the team’s official website . “There are a handful of guys that are really good at what they’re doing from the receiver position, which is the easiest position in the NFL. There are a handful of guys that are good at it. There’s not one particular guy that would concern me when I’m going into a game, but there are guys that you have to take notice of in the league.”