Five Reasons Why Tim Bradley Will Defeat Manny Pacquiao

A lot of people have been hoping on the Bradley bandwagon, they are probably seeing what I have seen for awhile, that he might be the opponent that finally stops the Pacquiao train.

Here are the 5 reasons why.

1- Pacquiao is turning into Dwyane Wade

One of the things that casual boxers fan don’t pick up on is when a fighter is subtly slipping. Especially great fighters because the slippage is hard to see.

With someone like Manny Pacquiao it is even more difficult because he normally beats his opponents so convincingly.

But, going all the way back to the Margarito I started to see him slowing down a bit. Margarito who is one of the slowest punches in boxing was still able to hit Pacquaio pretty cleaning. Shane Mosley didn’t even try and even then Pacquiao seemed hesitant to throw punches at times. Juan Manual Marquez consistently beat him to the punch.

Similar to D Wade, Pacquiao is still great, but he isn’t Lebron great anymore.

2- Pacquiao’s heart not into boxing

Pacquiao got into boxing to save his and his family and friends lives. Normally, that is a cliche, but in Pacquiao’s case it isn’t, he was fighting for his life.

That is a lot of motivation to know a loss can send you back to the streets.

Like most fighters that hit an ELITE level for a time they enjoy the spoils of their labor and then comes the FALL.

It is very difficult to continue to be motivated in your million dollar home and all your yes men at your beck and call.

Add to that Pacquiao has a recommitted to his faith and has political aspirations, boxing is starting to get lower on his priority list.

3- Tim Bradley is not Floyd Mayweather

It is human nature to play up to the size of your opponent.

That is why we would love Magic vs. Bird, Yankees vs. Red Sox and Duke vs. North Carolina. In boxing the greatest fights are normally part of a rivalry.

Pacquiao’s foil is Floyd Mayweather, but he is fighting Tim Bradley and you can tell that isn’t very exciting to him at all.

To the point I believe he is taking Bradley for granted and underestimating his desire to win the fight.

4- Tim Bradley wants that cornbread

Boxing is one of the few sports you can become an overnight celebrity in one night. Everyone knows Buster Douglas and Leon Spinks for one magical night.

Casual fans know little to nothing about Tim Bradley, but if he beats Manny Pacquiao that will change by Sunday morning.

Bradley is young and hungry, which is always dangerous to an unmotivated fighter like Pacquiao. Bradley wants that cornbread and willing to fight to get it.

5- Tim Bradley is a skilled fighter

A lot of people dismissing Bradley because he doesn’t have a lot of knockout power. That is silly, Andre Ward doesn’t knock anyone out and he is considered one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world. What matters is do you have the skills to win the fight.

I have seen Bradley last 10 fights and while he isn’t elite in any area, he is very good in a lot. That’s the exact type of fighter than can give Pacquiao problems.

Pacquiao likes to exploits a fighters main weakness, Bradley doesn’t do anything badly and has show the ability to adapt to situations in the ring.

He is the first fighter Pacquiao has fought in his prime in decade and that will make a difference.

In the end, the fight is there for Bradley to take, but he has to attack, attack, attack.

Can’t take any rounds off and he has to understand that if he wins this he becomes a star, if he doesn’t he goes back to fighting on Shobox.

Is he willing to go to Pacquiao’s table and take his cornbread?

I think he does.

Bradley by Unanimous Decision.