Florida’s Brad Beal Says He Shoots Like Ray Allen & Attacks Basket Like D Wade

One of the laziest questions in sports journalism is….

“Who do you compare yourself to?”

Mainly, because whatever answer they give is going to be wrong. Unless they say I just plan on trying to do a lot things like the great ones, they end up sounding like this.

During a radio interview earlier this week, Beal provided some insight as to who he patterns his game after: Ray Allen and Dwyane Wade. Per SRI: “Describe your game. Is there someone you model it after? ‘My game is really, I’m an all-around player.

I love to get my teammates involved. Comparing myself to somebody else, the way I shoot, I shoot similarly to Ray Allen. And when I drive to the basket, I like to compare myself to Dwyane Wade because we have the same body type or whatever. I like to compare myself to those two guys. I take pride in my defense and I’m a pretty good rebounder at my position.’”

Not saying Beal said anything wrong, but if you shoot like Allen and drive like Wade, I will be expecting you to be a Top 5 player not just in your draft class, but in the NBA in a couple of years.

We will see.