Floyd Mayweather Sr. Believes Pacquiao Was Robbed

There were reportedly over 14, 000 fans in attendance at Saturday night’s Pacquiao vs Bradley fight at the MGM Grand. One of those fans was Floyd Mayweather Sr. Apparently the elder Mayweather, like most people that watched the fight, completely disagreed with the final decision of the fight.

“I feel like Pacquiao won the fight but I am not going to sugarcoat nothing. The last fight belong to Marquez. This one belonged to Pacquiao. I’m calling it like it is.”

Mayweather Sr. pulled no punches in his analysis of who he thought won the fight. He went on to add:

“Whoever these judges was, they need to find a new job.”

For the fans that tuned in to watch the fight, it has to be comforting that their opinion is shared with a name on the boxing scene. The outcry has been plenty in relation to the split decision victory that Timothy Bradley was awarded, and it is clear that another name has been added to the outcry list. Unfortunately, it does not clear up the outcome of a fight that clearly has some controversy forever attached to it.