Floyd Mayweather Turns Himself in to Start 90 Day Jail Sentence

This might sound crazy, but while Floyd in behind bars, he might want to think long and hard about retirement.

Not because he can’t fight anymore, but because right now even without a Manny Pacquiao fight his legacy is pretty secure.

He proved his point that he could make “Money” without being controlled by a promoter, he has proved that he is one of the greatest pound for pound fighters of all time, so honestly what more is there to do?

He isn’t going to fight Pacquiao and there aren’t any attractive fights for him.

He isn’t going to serve the whole 90 days and when he gets out his money, entourage and Ms. Jackson will still be there.

I just would never want Floyd to become another Roy Jones Jr.

Just something to ponder while he is behind those bars.

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