Floyd Mayweather Won’t See Pacquiao Fight in Jail, Mail Seized for Inappropriate Pics

To my understanding Floyd rarely watches boxing unless it is one of his fighters.

The difference now is he is in a cell and not a mansion, so he doesn’t have an option.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. won’t be able to see rival Manny Pacquiao’s pay-per-view fight Saturday night against Timothy Bradley, but he will have time to read his mail.

As inmate No. 1363917 at the Clark County jail in Las Vegas, Mayweather doesn’t have access to a television, computer or telephone in the small solo jail cell where on Friday he was beginning the second week of a three-month sentence in a domestic violence case.

He has been getting lots of mail since someone posted his inmate number and address on Twitter, Las Vegas police Officer Bill Cassell said.

Jail mail is screened, and Cassell told The Associated Press that some photos to Mayweather have been confiscated as “inappropriate.”

“He’s gotten some mail and a couple of books. There has been some contraband that has been stopped,” Cassell said. He wouldn’t describe the photos in detail.

I would imagine those are either Twodel pics or hate mail. I am sure he wouldn’t mind the Twodel pics, since there are no Ms. Jacksons in jail, maybe Mr. Jackson.

By the way a Pacquiao fight will probably never happen, so stop hoping.