Former Eagles Team President Joe Banner Didn’t Want to Give DeSean Jackon a Big Contract

One of those stories that flew under the radar was Joe Banner quietly stepping down as Team President of the Eagles.

They said it was a mutual decision, but nothing is ever mutual these days.

When Philadelphia Eagles team president Joe Banner moved on from his role a few weeks ago, everyone involved said it was a mutual decision, the truth is always a little more complicated. Banner, general Howie Roseman and coach Andy Reid had different ways of conducting business, Roseman and Reid’s ways won out. A great example: DeSean Jackson’s recent contract, despite a down 2011 season and some concerns about Jackson’s focus, the Eagles gave the receiver a big contract this offseason. Greg Bedard of the Boston Globe writes that Jackson got his five-year, $47 million in large part because Banner “had his contract power usurped.” Bedard writes that “Banner would have never done that deal.”

Considering Jackson’s first acquisitions after he got his big payday were to be buy a huge chain and start a record label, maybe Banner was right.