Former NFLer Charles Rogers Wanted by Police For Threatening to Blow His Mom’s Mouth Out

I don’t know who has been the biggest bust on and off the field Rogers or Ryan Leaf.

At least Leaf still has some money, Rogers not so much.

Rogers was supposed to be in court Wednesday for a hearing on whether or not his trial on five misdemeanor charges would go forward as scheduled on June 19th. Rogers called the court to tell them that he couldn’t find transportation and was given until the end of the working day to appear. He didn’t and reports that the judge issued the arrest warrant at the end of the day.

Rogers will be tried on December 2011 charges of marijuana possession, possession of an open container of alcohol in a motor vehicle, and operating a motor vehicle on a suspended or revoked license, along with March 2012 charges of making a malicious phone call and conspiracy to make a malicious phone call.

The malicious phone call in question was made by Rogers to his mother. Rogers allegedly threatened to “blow her mouth out” and that he was willing to do any time that arose from committing that crime.

They have these things call cabs and buses, but I digress.

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