IFL’s Omaha Beef Declines Playoff Appearance Because They Don’t Want to Pay Travel Costs


Excellent team name.

Remember this is the league that T.O. was cut from.

Here are the details.

The Indoor Football league, where the Omaha Beef decided to skip the playoffs this season, even though they earned the right to play in the postseason with their stellar 4th place, 6-8 finish through the regular season.

You see, the team is more or less broke, so the current owners decided that since they were quite unlikely to win their first round game anyway, that they would just skip the opportunity and save the travel costs. Which is actually a perfectly reasonable decision to make, on financial reasoning alone. And while there are always unlikely playoff runs every year in every sport, the current owners obviously decided that they didn’t have the team to make their run this year, so they might as well just pass.

It should be mentioned that the previous owner was recently caught purchasing crack cocaine through the mail.




  1. This is majorly misleading. The fact is that the league, the IFL, is currently running the team, so therefore the league is making these decisions; and the league’s committee that is making these decisions are owners of the other teams. Make sense now?

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