Isiah Thomas Takes High Road on Dream Team Snub..Makes Official Statement


Zeke’s middle name is “LORD”.

For some reason that is funny to me. Anyway, Zeke could have dropped some ETHER, but decided to take the high road. Sometimes I think his failures as GM overshadows what a great player he was.

He should have been on that team, but Michael Jordan was the KING, so it was the KING RULES, so no Isiah, but I think he will be ok.

I am sure those two rings mean more than being in a documentary.


  1. It wasn’t a documentary snub that has the lasting effect. It’s the fact that he was denied the opportunity to compete in the Olympics with his contemporary peers that will sting forever.

    His actions on the court and to a degree off the court (the walk off) are what caused him a spot on that team. Yes he has those two NBA championships but that Olympic team snub will eat at a true competitor until the bitter end.

  2. Cool of Zeke to take the high road…..maybe that will squash some of the bullshyt drama created by the talking heads on ESPN & other sport shows…..

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