Jerry Sandusky’s Victim Says He Was Treated Like Girlfriend & Molested at Least 40 Times

Jerry Sandusky Mugshot

I am all for innocent until proven guilty, but how much more do we have to hear?

Put this man in jail and throw away the key.

“He treated me like a son in front of other people,” the witness said, sternly, with an air of scolding toward the defense attorney.

“Aside from that, he treated me like his girlfriend.”

Unless the defense has a plan to later recall the witness and catch him in multiple lies, there were almost no positives to the day for Sandusky. It was a bludgeoning, as if the witness had been waiting 15 years to rain down these stories on his alleged perpetrator and wasn’t going to miss a single opportunity to go for the throat.

The witness vividly detailed what he estimated were at least 40 acts of inappropriate sexual contact in the Penn State football locker room showers alone – games of “soap battles” and wrestling matches turning into repeated attempts at oral and anal sex.

Over nearly five hours Victim No. 4 recapped how Sandusky first met him when he was a somewhat troubled teenager at a Second Mile charity picnic. When a bunch of kids went swimming in a lake, Sandusky joined them, and during a game where he’d throw the children in the air, the witness first realized something was wrong.

“(He’d) kind of (pretend) like he was having trouble getting a good grip,” the witness said. “And as he was grabbing you he would brush your genitals and then throw you.”

Without a positive male role model in his life, the boy clung to Sandusky, who offered attention, gifts, trips and unheard of access to Penn State football, including team locker rooms, charter flights, hotels, bowl trips and sideline passes. He was constantly around star players.

The trade off was workouts at Penn State, maybe basketball or racquetball, maybe just general exercise. No matter what worked up the sweat, it was washed off during two-person shower sessions in either the old football coaches’ locker room or the team’s new main shower room. Those would descend into groping, forced contact with private parts and even absurd “wrestling” matches, where the burly Sandusky would pin the 90-pound boy in any compromising position he wanted.

“Combination of the oral sex or just groping me,” the witness said. “Sometimes there would be no oral sex that would happen but he’d be between my thighs kissing them like I was a girl.”

That is uncomfortable to read, so I can only imagine what it must have been like in court.

It will only get worse for Sandusky.