JR Smith Sues Chinese Basketball Team For Over a Million Dollars in Lost Wages


Considering all the ruckus JR Smith and his family caused over in China he should be lucky they aren’t suing him, but since Smith is a little light in the pockets these days, he is trying to get every dollar he can.

J.R. Smith’s summer in the spotlight continues as he pursues salary owed to the tune of $1,078,500 from his former Chinese team, Zhejiang Chouzhou.

Smith was accused of faking the severity of an injury, missing 80 practices and bringing along his sister, who seemingly fought with every fan in the stands during each game.

Smith’s was fined the $1 Million and some change for missing these 80 practices and has now filed a lawsuit with FIBA to recoup his lost pay.

Nothing like missing 80 practices and then suing for lost wages, but this is JR Smith we are talking about.


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