Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy Going for $90k on Ebay


I don’t think I have ever paid over $100 for a pair of sneakers.

So, you could say $90k is a little out of my price range.

The official price tag is a mere $245, but bids for Nike’s new Air Yeezy 2 sneakers — designed by Kanye West himself — have already topped $80,000 on the Internet.

The Air Yeezy 2’s don’t drop until Saturday — but people have been camping outside sneaker boutiques across the country for over a week, hoping to get their hands on a pair.

But a lucky few were able to pre-order the kicks — and some of these people have already pre-listed them on eBay.

The online auctions range in value — but one has already reached $89,100 … FOR ONE PAIR!!!

I am sure this is some athlete bidding who will be broke after three years of leaving the league.


  1. Damn Fools out there…. Nevermind 89k, but 245 bucks??? Sheeeiiiitt…. Will it allow me to walk on water or something ???

  2. That is a damn shame that these ugly a** shoes cost so much money. I don’t care who make’s them these shoes look like they are worth $25-$30 at the most.

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