Kings Jimmer Fredette’s Wedding Caused UFO Scare


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I like Jimmer Fredette, but no one can convince me that he didn’t violate the “Morality Code” at BYU with his lady Whitney Wonnacott.  Would they take away his diploma if he admitted it now?

Either way he is good to break lamps with his lady as many times as he likes now because he got married over the weekend, but in the process scared a bunch of people into thinking they were seeing UFOs.

Love was in the air last Friday when Jimmer Fredette tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend – but something else was in the air the night before that had the people of Colorado anticipating an alien invasion.

During a rehearsal dinner Thursday, Jimmer, family, and friends released Chinese paper lanterns in the air – and the lights from the lanterns caused local residents to think aliens may be occupying their skies.

This might explain a lot of Unsolved Mysteries episodes.

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  • Hello. I used to have a cat, Arnie, who looked EXACTLY like your McGonnigle. I had to have him put down a couple years ago, but he was such a great cat. Enjoy your guy there!

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