Kobe Bryant Says Kevin Durant is a 6’11” Version of Himself

Kevin Durant has a long way to go before he gets to Kobe Bryant status, no matter with the talking heads of 1st Take tell you.

Kobe isn’t one to give out compliments to opposing players, but when asked how he would describe KD here is what he said.

“A 6-11 me,”

“That dog in him?” Byrant asked. “He’s got it in him.”

For Kobe to compare himself to anyone is probably the highest compliment he could give Durant. It is easy after Game 1 to anoint Durant, but legacies are made over years and years of consistent high level of play.

I have always seen Kevin Durant as Jason Bourne, the reason why is his game is so efficient it is like all instinct.

His kills are measured and he always seems in control.

The league should be afraid if he does get on a Kobe like roll, because he might be the one with not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, you know the rest.

12 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant Says Kevin Durant is a 6’11” Version of Himself

  • Look at Kobe trying to stay relevant.
    KD will be better than Jordan. He is 23, 3 time scoring champ, soon to be finals mvp/2012 finals champion.
    MJ had 0 rings at age 28 and didn’t win a championship until scottie pippin was drafted

    • First off it’s not how you start it’s how you finish. Kobe had three rings at 23 and Russell was working on his fourth so that argument is silly. KD could blow a knee out tomorrow and then your statement is up in smoke. How about we just sit back and enjoy what is unfolding in front of us rather than thinking about what may happen.

      • You are so right! I do wish KD the best though

    • Are you an idiot?
      “Kobe trying to stay relevant”?? He’s won 2 rings in the past 4 years. How in the world is that not relevant? And Durant wouldnt have been able to win his 3rd scoring title if kobe hadnt sat out for 6+ games. You’re one of those millions of people who are prisoners of the moment and immediately wanna crown KD, just like people did to LeBron. How about you wait and see what happens before spitting out your asinine comments

      • Why does Kobe sitting out games affect the scoring title. I could accept injury but the scoring title is ppg so missing games is not an issue.

        • How could it NOT impact the scoring title, Mark? If Kobe’s average PPG is 28 (I don’t remember what it actually was) and he drops 29+ in a game, that average increases a little bit. I remember Kobe needed to score something like 40 points or so in the last game of the season to surpass Durant’s PPG. He sat that game out, however, and essentially conceded the title to KD.

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  • Kobe has finally realized that it is impossible to be ‘Like Mike’ so now he aspired to be like Kevin. lol

  • I feel so embarrassed for Kobe…

  • blacksportslonline? Sounds racist. What’s up with the race focus? We don’t need that in sports.

    As for Bryant’s comment, I find it borderline megalomaniac. If you think it’s a “compliment,” you are clueless. To say Durant is a version of himself, Bryant is suggesting he is the pinnacle. He’s not. He’s actually quite overrated and true hoop heads know that. Durant may be even BETTER than Bryant. A COMPLIMENT would have been “He’s awesome.” period

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