Kris Humphries’ Ex-GF Myla Sinanaj Threatens to Expose More Sh*t in Voicemail


The Hump is going to have to learn how to break up with women in the proper way.

He tried to go with the cold shoulder route and that isn’t working out too well for him.

Sources say … after photos of Myla and Kris began leaking, Kris broke off all contact with her.  Myla became enraged after trying in vain 17 times to reach Kris and then called one of his friends.

Myla left a message, demanding that Kris stop stonewalling her and return her calls.

As you can see she is pretty heated.

My only advice for Kris Humphries.



  1. This is nothing but a shake down. Set your phone up to block her number (and anyother number she uses).

    Keep a running record.

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