Kris Humphries Wants Girlfriend Fatmire “Myla” Sinanaj To Sign Confidentiality Agreement


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The Hump is taking steps to make sure he doesn’t have another Kim Kardashian situation with his new lady friend.

Probably, not a bad idea.

Kris Humphries’ lawyer has been speaking with the lawyer for girlfriend Myla Sinanaj … trying to negotiate a non-disclosure agreement … for a price.

Sources connected with Kris tell us … his lawyer reached out to hers earlier today, trying to muzzle her from talking about their relationship.  Our sources say Kris is nervous about the texts, emails and other documents she has relating to their relationship — things Kris wants to keep under wraps.

As for why Kris wants to muzzle Myla — his lawyers are demanding millions from Kim Kardashian, alleging she defrauded him and broke his heart.  It’s hard to make the case when Kris is banging another chick two months after Kim files divorce docs.

I heard a story once about a very high profile NBA player before he ever spoke to any female he made them sign an confidentiality agreement and to this day this NBA player has never been exposed, so it is something to think about.

One thought on “Kris Humphries Wants Girlfriend Fatmire “Myla” Sinanaj To Sign Confidentiality Agreement

  • Hollywood actors have people that go out with them sign nondisclosure agreements all the time (whether they are an item or not). So this idea is nothing new.

    I am surprised that this sucker (Kris) has to pay her to do so, especially since he has denied they are an “item” to numerous other websites.

    Hell, I’d just drop her like a bad habit and hit her with a cease and desist order (like other sites are reporting that he’s doing).

    She’s the one running around saying they are a couple, not him. He’s been denying it.

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