Lakers Trying to Trade Pau Gasol and Metta World Peace for 1st Round Picks

I am in the minority when it comes to the value of Pau Gasol to the Lakers.  I think he is one of the positives on the team and is unappreciated for what he has done for the team. To a lesser extent the same goes for Metta World Peace.

With that being said the Lakers want to shake up the roster, so Pau and MWP are the most likely to go during the NBA Draft.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been checking around the league this week to gauge Pau Gasol’s trade value, according to sources briefed on the discussions.

Sources told that the Lakers have been contacting teams in an effort to acquire a top-10 pick in Thursday’s draft. The Lakers also are seeking an established player along with the pick if they’re to part with Gasol.

The Lakers might have an even tougher sell with Metta World Peace, who also has been shopped in order to gauge his trade value.