Lebron James Gives Female Fan His Double Headband, She Puts it On & Smiles (Video)

The mystery of Lebron’s headband continues.

While the Double Headband is not uncommon, it appears that Bron pulled out the industrial strength headband for Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

Lebron did have a few headband malfunctions during the first two games of the series, so the boys at NASA had to come up with something better to ensure his hairline would not be seen during game action.

They have to be upset that Lebron just gave away the headband they worked many nights for to a female fan (a cute one at that), but she was very pleased and put on the sweating headband immediately.

It looked like she was being mummified, but I digress. We will check back with her in two weeks to see if she has lost any hair.

Deep down I think this was Lebron’s inspiration.