Lil Wayne Feels Unwanted By Oklahoma City, Hints At Racism

Hell hath no fury like a rapper shunned and Lil Wayne is not happy right now.   Wayne is furious after being refused entry into game 3 between the Thunder and Spurs.

Thursday night the YMCMB star tweeted that he had been “denied by the team to be in their arena.”

Even after Thunder players Kevin Durant and James Harden reached out to him to offer tickets to game four, the damage was already done in Mr. Carter’s eyes.

In an article reported by yesterday, Wayne told The Associated Press Friday that those two reaching out was not enough.

Lil Wayne was quoted as saying “It’s the players stepping up but of course the players aren’t white. I don’t want to be sitting there on behalf of you and I’m sitting next to a (person) that’s like ‘I don’t want this (guy) sitting next to me.’ (Forget) you … I’m in Forbes,” he stated.

He also stated that while “the players want me there, I don’t want to feel — I’m going to still feel unwanted.”

Wayne stop short of using the term “Racism” or really hinting at it. He could have blown up into something more.

The one slight hint he did offer was in stating that “the players offering the tickets were not white”.

Just seems as if the rabid NBA fan who gets special treatment in most arena’s he visits had his feelings hurt.

He did say that his management advised him not to return to the city’s arena for sports events or concerts, but “I never say never.”

Of course the dream scenario playing out in my head would have the south beach resident’s Miami Heat battling the Oklahoma City Thunder for the NBA Championship.

OKC might have shunned the wrong guy!




One thought on “Lil Wayne Feels Unwanted By Oklahoma City, Hints At Racism

  • Mr. Little Wayne needs to get over his sense of entitlement and buy a clue.

    1. He chooses to look the way he does. That has consequences as grand as whatever advantages he might find in it.

    2. Racism? I’m black, and wouldn’t want someone who looks like that representing my city or sitting next to me in premium seats. Nothing to do with racism. Everything to do with how you represent yourself.

    3. “I’m in Forbes.” Okay, congratulations. But, you should understand there’s a difference between being in Forbes and being IN Forbes. No one with any intellect actually respects you. You have accomplished something – whatever that is – that resulted in financial success. But, do you really believe that puts you in the same category as everyone else on the Forbes pages? There’s Old Money. There’s New Money. Then, there’s a third category: Rapper/Athlete/Lottery Winner Money. You can’t buy actual respect (from anyone other than ‘aspirers, ignorants, and leeches’) with that third category of money.

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