Lil Wayne Says He Was Treated Like “Sh*t” by Thunder Staff, Jumps on Heat Bandwagon

It appears that Wayne’s issue with the Oklahoma City Thunder staff is that they treat him like a normal human being and not an Alien as he claims in his raps. He might be an alien based on the some of the outfits he wears at games (even Russell Westbrook thinks Wayne dresses weird).

Since all of his “demands” aren’t being accommodated he lashes out against the staff.

He is being a spoiled brat. The Thunder’s arena staff aren’t doing anything in the wrong. They have rules and polices and if Wayne doesn’t want to respect them, don’t show up at the game.

I respect the Thunder’s staff for treating Wayne the same way they would treat someone sitting in the nose bleed seats. Those are the real fans, not Lil Wayne.

For someone who claims to be a gangster, he is softer and more sensitive than Maggie Simpson. Surprised he didn’t try to take Lebron and Wade off the court because the staff wouldn’t bow down to him.

I expect Weezy to show up for the next game in a Wheelchair like Tim Bradley since he has to be hurting his ankle jumping on and off all these teams bandwagons.

6 thoughts on “Lil Wayne Says He Was Treated Like “Sh*t” by Thunder Staff, Jumps on Heat Bandwagon

  • Damn, you’d think he could afford some good headphones. Beats are in the cellar with Bose and Skullcandy as far as sound is concerned. There’s a reason studios have 2000 dollar headphones and don’t use garbage like that to make music.

  • I dont even like lil wayne but your comment was fucking stupid. Is he in a studio making music? No you ass hes listening to a ipod yea lets buy recording quality headphones for a ipod

  • Johnjohn, you bust of Chris’s comment but thats all that you can come up with, he’s listening to an ipod you ass?? My guess is he’s not listening to anything and those beats aren’t even connected to anything, it’s called a fashion statement!

  • Maggie Simpson is hard bro.

  • WAAAAAH! Typical celebrity thug….it’s all about him. Take your bad music and horrible fashion and your drugged out friends back to Miami where you’ll fit right in and start cheering for the Heat. OKC doesn’t need fans like you anyway.

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