Luka Magnotta Killed Buddy, Sent Body Parts To Politicians, Made Sergei Fedorov Tribute Video


People assume that these cannibalism acts are new, but the truth be told cases of cannibalism happen pretty often just not these extreme cases.

You don’t see people eating faces on the freeway or mailing eaten body parts.

What is interesting about Magnotta is that he as a Sergei Fedorov fan and when he wasn’t making videos of his murders or killing kittens he made a tribute video for him.

Luka Magnotta was a sometime gay porn actor and male escort. He posted a series of videos showing himself killing kittens. He killed an acquaintance, also on video, and cut him up, eating some pieces and mailing others to political parties.

There’s more. A link to this YouTube video, again tagged with his name, and uploaded by user “BasicInstinct1212121.” It was posted last March, and it’s a four-minute tribute to Sergei Federov, set to music. The mind of a killer, man.

I actually have a Sergei Fedorov jersey somewhere in storage (I was a big Red Wings fan in my youth).