Luther Campbell Says Skip Bayless Banned Him From First Take

The list includes anyone who is on to Skip Bayless’ act.

It includes ESPN personalities as well as others in sports media. Skip runs the show, so unless you bow down to his demands and debate him the way he wants to debate, you end up like Uncle Luke.

Skip Bayless extended an invitation to former 2 Live Crew rapper part-time Miami New Times columnist Luther Campbell to debate him.

Alas, the invitation has since been recanted. That’s according to Uncle Luke, who today told the New Times that he was informed, by way of his publicist, that First Take’s talent booker had taken back the invite.

My New Times piece got me on the banned list,” Campbell says. “Skip only wants token people to go on the air with him.”

Ratings continue to fall for 1st Take and if Lebron wins his first championship look for that to continue since that is half of Bayless’ material (the other half being Tim Tebow related topics).

As long as Water Pistol holds the gun, don’t expect any real guests to come on to challenge him.

H/T Sports Grid