Manny Pacquiao To Fight Juan Manuel Marquez & Bypass Rematch With Tim Bradley

Since no one except the judges thought Pacquiao lost to Tim Bradley, Pacquiao is making plans to move forward with what was the original plan if he beat Bradley a fourth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez.

I will explain why they are going that route after you hear from the people in Pacquiao’s camp.

Alex Ariza, the strength and conditioning trainer of Manny Pacquiao, expects the Filipino boxer to take on his greatest rival, Juan Manuel Marquez, in a fourth fight instead of engaging Timothy Bradley in a rematch.

According to Ronnie Nathanielsz of Boxing Scene, Ariza believes Pacquiao will fight Marquez for a fourth time this November, instead of exercising the rematch clause that he has against Bradley.

Arum’s view is that Pacquiao dominated the first fight with Bradley to such an extent they will simply move on. “I don’t want to do a rematch,” Arum told The Las Vegas Sun.

“This fight was a one-sided fight. If it had been scored properly, 10-2 or 9-3 [in rounds], who would be asking for a rematch? – Nobody. Just because these officials screwed up, that doesn’t justify a rematch.”

Pacquiao, 33, and a Congressman in The Philippines, where the mood has been one of complete indignation at the scoring, is now expected to move on to a fourth challenge against the Mexican great Juan Manuel Marquez in November as calls for a fight with Floyd Mayweather continue to be ignored by the long-time promoter.

The main reason for this change of heart is $$$$$$

The Bradley fight will be the worse financially for Pacquiao and Top Rank. Even though a rematch would have a built in promotion considering Pacquiao was robbed, many people might be turned off to it and think that Bob Arum rigged it in some way.

That could lead to bad PPV and ticket sales.

Whereas a fight with Juan Manuel Marquez would be seen as an opportunity for Marquez to avenge his latest loss to Pacquiao in which many, but not all thought he won.

I would say that Bradley could move on to Floyd Mayweather once he got of jail, but Bradley is locked into Top Rank, so that would never happen.

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