Manny Pacquiao Wins WBO Review of Bradley Fight, But Won’t Change Result


I tried to explain to casual boxing fans that no matter what reviews happened the results of the fight wasn’t going to change.

Unless they found a suitcase full of money in one of the judges hotel room, nothing was going to happen.

Just a waste of time, since boxing organizations like the WBO have nothing to do.

The WBO completed its review Wednesday of Timothy Bradley’s controversial split-decision victory against Manny Pacquiao with its five-member international judging panel all scoring the fight for Pacquiao, even though the official result will stand.

Pacquiao told The Associated Press from the Philippines on Thursday that he would prefer a rematch rather than Bradley giving up the WBO welterweight title that he won on a split decision because “people may think I just usurped it.”

Valcarcel said the WBO has no authority to change the result.

Pacquiao might want a rematch, but Bob Arum makes the decisions and it appears he is leaning toward a 4th fight with Juan Manuel Marquez.


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