Mike Vick Tells Rookies If They Cross Roger Goodell He’ll Be All the Way Turned Up

Michael Vick made three major mistakes.

1- Thinking his friends wouldn’t turn on him

2- Lying to the FEDS

3- Lying to Roger Goodell

#3 was the reason he almost was banned for life from the NFL. He doesn’t want rookies to make the same mistake he did.

Of all the speakers and presenters at the annual Rookie Symposium, none will give the incoming players better advice than Eagles quarterback Mike Vick’s tips for dealing with the Commissioner of the National Football League.

When interacting with Roger Goodell, it’s critical to avoid lying.

“Fellas, don’t get it twisted,” Vick said, via Jeff Darlington of NFL Network. “This man is the real deal. He don’t play. If he asks you a question, answer with honesty. Tell him the truth. If you get into some trouble, be honest, truthful, forthright. Don’t play with this man. He’ll love you to death, but the minute you cross him, he’ll be all the way turned up.”

Vick has been listening to that 2 Chainz.

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