Mugshot: Former NFL RB Jamal Anderson Charged With DUI

What is so difficult about calling a cab or some type of car service after you’ve been drinking all night? I’m pretty sure Jamal Anderson has enough funds to have someone else drive him home instead of driving drunk.

Jamal Anderson was arrested on charges of driving under the influence over the weekend.

DeKalb County police said Anderson, 39, was stopped around 4:20 a.m. Sunday on Chamblee Tucker near Mercer University.

The full police report is not available yet, but officers said he was drunk.

Anderson was charged with DUI and impeding the flow of traffic and minimum speed in the left lane. Officers said he was going so slow that he was slowing traffic on the road.

At least he wasn’t speeding. This isn’t Anderson’s first run-in with the police. In 2009, Anderson was arrested and charged with cocaine possession after someone complained he was snorting the drug in an Atlanta restroom. The charge was later dismissed.

I don’t know what’s going on with Anderson but he needs to get some type of help.


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