Mugshot: James and Ruth Kauff Arrested For Having Fake NBA Finals Credentials


When I was at The Ohio State University, I once used a fake credential to get bac stage of a Jay Z concert. Unfortunately for Mr. and Mrs. Kauff the Miami Heat security staff was a little smarter than Jay Z’s back in the day.

James Kauff, 60, and his wife Ruth Kauff, 52, were allegedly in possession of a pair of fake media credentials and tried to use them to get into the press area.

According to the arrest reports, arena security called Miami Police after stopping the couple at one of the many ticket checkpoints inside the arena during the June 19 game.

The report said the Kauffs each had a phony media pass that read “Media Miami Heat” and had their photos pasted on the cards.

During the arrest, police also found a clear plastic bag containing 13 pills, the report said. Ruth Kauff told the arresting officer the pills were oxycodone, according to the report.

The crazy thing is the couple had legit tickets to the game, but I guess they wanted that champagne bath with Chris Bosh.  I think they may have had a few of those oxycodone pills before they went to the game


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