NBA Themed Stiletto Heels are Now Available For The Ladies (Photos)

Remember when Jersey Dresses were hot?

If you don’t let me refresh your memory.

Unfortunately every woman who wore them didn’t look like Mariah Carey and eventually the fad went away except at Ghetto Proms.

The NBA is going to try something different now to get in young ladies pockets. Since, women are always talking about Red Bottoms and what not, they are coming out with a signature NBA Stiletto line.

Coincidentally Jocks and Stiletto Jill has the details.

Clearly I have a fetish for stilettoed footwear. The NBA has created a “high end” line of footwear for the female fan. While I understand the idea in theory and the “higher end” of the high end isn’t that bad I guess, nobody told them this is a NO?

Listen, NBA team logos on women’s footwear screams CHEAP and TACKY. It reminds people of swap meets and jersey dresses. Perhaps the NBA should’ve taken the Nike approach and paired with an existing high end footwear designer to see their take on it. Slapping a logo on a platform heel and Italian sizing does not qualify as fashion.

If Jill isn’t impressed neither am I, then again the name brand of the shoes has never been that important to me. You could have green bottoms as long as you were attractive woman I was good.

With that being said you can purchase your NBA heels at starting at the low low price of $99 (at least they are somewhat affordable).

If you purchase a pair model them for us and we will put you on BSO.

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  • Does that offer go to the fellas too? lmao

  • LOL they don’t even have my team.

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