NFL Players Perrish Cox & Demaryius Thomas Being Sued By Alleged Rape Victim


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Perrish Cox was found not guilty of raping an Internet model in March (CB Perrish Cox Found Not Guilty in Rape Trial).

He should consider himself extremely lucky he isn’t in jail right now considering….

1- Having sex with passed out woman…FAIL
2- Having sex with passed out woman who dates your teammate…FAIL
3- Having sex with passed out woman with your girlfriend in the same apartment...FAIL
4- Having sex with passed out woman without a condom…FAIL
5- Having sex with passed out woman without a condom and ejaculating inside her…FAIL
6- Lying to police about having sex with alleged victim…FAIL

His accuser didn’t do herself any favors during her testimony when she stated she does this often and was so drunk she couldn’t remember much and if it was Thomas who had sex with her while she was passed out she wouldn’t have went to the police.

She couldn’t win in the court of law, so she is going for Cox’s pockets.

According to the Associated Press, Cox and Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas have been sued by a woman who became impregnated after allegedly passing out at Cox’s apartment in September 2010. The DNA of the fetus matched Cox, who denied to police having sex with the woman.

Cox was nevertheless acquitted earlier this year. He has since signed with the 49ers.

The specific civil claims against each man aren’t known; collectively, the suit advances legal theories including battery, sexual assault and battery, aiding and abetting tortious conduct, conspiracy, outrageous conduct, and negligence. The lawsuit also reportedly makes reference to the allegation that the victim, who sued under a Jane Doe pseudonym, was drugged.

Suing both players will potentially pit the two of them against each other, forcing them to try to blame one another in order to escape liability.

My personal opinion is they all are guilty in some shape, form or fashion and this lawsuit will just bare that out.