NFL to Make Coaches Game Film Available to Fans

Confession I have a source that has provided me with certain NFL game film for years. Not unfiltered access, but enough to get a different perspective on the games.

I can tell you that game film and what you see on your TV is totally different.

While this info has flown under the radar, I would suggest fans take advantage of this before the NFL changes their mind.

Spotted by the folks at Deadspin, it’s a nonchalantly-added wrinkle to the one-penny-less-than-$60 package, anyone who buys Game Rewind will be able to view, among other things, “Coaches Film for every play in 2012.”

And so no longer will a would-be Jaworski have to take a job with the league to see the thing that so many of the folks who get to see it (including Jaworski) speak about in snobbish and/or condescending fashion.  Anyone/everyone can examine the end-zone-only images of every player on the field, along with everything else Game Rewind feature has to offer, for only $59.99 a year.

Frankly, the league could charge much more than $59.99 for access to the coaches film alone, and virtually everyone in the media would buy it.  Instead, the league hopes to maximize the total number of folks who purchase the package by making the All-22 available as part of a broader collection of video with a very affordable price.

This type of footage comes in handy for example when you want to see the exact coverages Jets are using to spotlight Darrelle Revis strengths (you might be surprised).

Will be the best $60 you spend in 2012.

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