Pats Rob Gronkowski Pours Drinks on Women At Charity Event…Allegedly


He does what he wants when he wants and there is nothing you can do to stop him or even contain him (shout out Dan Patrick).

The Boston Herald says Gronk belted out some LMFAO and Vanilla Ice and “stole the show” at teammate Zoltan Mesko’s Children’s Hospital benefit Saturday night. But those sleuths of sleaze over at Shot of Ginn have gathered several photos of Gronk in action, including the one you see to the right, in which it looks like he crossed some sort of line with a pair of security guards, perhaps because he wasn’t wearing a shirt.

But that’s not all! Shot of Ginn also passes along a pair of Twitter reports that indicate Gronk didn’t just down one of his drinks by consuming it.

The Tweets seem to indicated that was GRONK got a little tipsy and started to make it rain on the ladies, not money but Jack and Coke.

The ladies didn’t take to kindly to it.

It is the Patriots Way….

H/T Deadspin


Here is some video.