Peyton Manning Still Lacking Arm Strength

People are still continently forgetting that Peyton Manning has had four neck surgeries and missed a whole NFL season. They are acting like he is just going to step back on the field and be the Peyton of old.

That is simply impossible.

If he is 80% of what he once was, he will still be better than most quarterbacks in the league, but it is quite possible he will never return to even that much of his former self.

USA Today’s Nate Davis reported “it was clear” during Tuesday’s minicamp practice that future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning is missing velocity and distance on deep passes.

Davis, who noted Manning looked decent making intermediate tosses, even suggested the 11-time Pro-Bowler “may not have the liveliest arm on his team,” on a roster that includes immortal field-generals Caleb Hanie, Brock Osweiler, and Adam Weber.